Welcome !

Grand Opening 19/11/2018!

Welcome to Top Ryde 190 Massage studio, opposite the Top Ryde Shopping centre. We provide remedial massage, relaxation massage and full body oil massage with around 10 masseuses everyday, open 7 days, 10am to last booking 8pm. With us, you will enjoy luxurious environment, quality massage services and a professional personality.

Our Luxurious Peaceful Private Studio:

Our studio is a luxuriously clean and peaceful atmosphere massage place. Whole day Air Conditioned (extra heater used in winter, very warm in winter). The high class stationary massage tables and massage oil are professionally manufactured. All clients will enjoy a quiet, private room with low lighting and very relaxing classical music will accompany with you during whole massage service.

Our Professional Masseuses:
Everyday, we have around 10 different young, elegant and professional masseuses from Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan.... All masseuses are strictly trained and selected, and new masseuses join our team always. All our masseuses like pretty & sweet nurses, like angels, wearing nice elegant uniforms with soft smiles on our faces to provide best professional massage services to you, release your stress after your tight work.

Our Massage Services:
Meanwhile, all the masseuses are not only good in doing quality massage services, but are elegant, young looking and have a nice professional personality. We promise we always provide everything high quality services (Luxurious place, high class masseuses and excellent services) from here. We focus to bring you from head to toe massage care just like "enjoy and care of the emperor".

Please come to visit our studio, enjoy the best professional and popular massage experience!

Business hour:

Open 7 days (never close)

10am to 8pm (last booking 8pm)

Contact No:

0452 663 190

0452 667 190

Our studio address

190 Blaxland Rd, Ryde NSW 2112.

Important tips to help find us: 

* Opposite Top Ryde shopping centre, use the foot bridge from Top Ryde shopping centre to go through the highway 3 to Blaxland Rd. Our shop in the Corner of Blaxland Rd and Highway 3.


*3 hours free Parking on Top Ryde shopping centre.

*You can find free parking from our shop and back our shop or any street nearby easy park.

Top Ryde 190 Massage Management say

At Top Ryde 190 Massage, even our receptionists are strictly selected and trained, have a strong sense of duty to assist with making sure you are satisfied and happy, and promise never upset you every time you visit.

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